Jennifer Colosi

jennifer-colosi“I have years of experience recruiting financial professional and have created a number of thought pieces during that time about a wide range of issues. My challenge was re-purposing that content appropriately for my professional blog. Randy Wilson set me up with a plan and a strategy about how best to deploy LinkedIn to publicize my posts. He was diligent, enthusiastic and proactive in making sure that I got the content in my voice up on my website and beyond. If you are a professional struggling to get that great content onto your blog, I definitely would look to Randy to make that happen for you.”

Anna Scott

anna-scott“I’ve been a client of Randy Wilson and DSD ProWeb Services for nearly two years. Randy has advocated for me to be more visible on the web and encouraged me to post a video, blog about how I work with clients and made sure that I use my website to promote my workshops. What I most appreciate about working with Randy is that I know he has my back and will be watching out for my best interests first and foremost. Thanks to Randy, I’ve gone from being uncertain about the value of a website into a big believer that it is a key to success for me and my business.”

Ken Begun

ken-begunI came to Randy Wilson and Rocky Laber of DSD Law Site Solutions because my previous webmaster was no longer supporting my website. I was worried that it was out of date and that links didn’t work etc. But I liked the look and feel of my site, had put a lot of effort into building it into a distinctive reflection of my personality and legal practice. That wasn’t a problem for DSD. They easily took the best of my existing site and added some complementary elements to make it even more professional looking. In addition, they provided me with a website that is extremely easy to update. They also provide monthly traffic reports and analysis so I know what my clients and prospective client care about when they seek me out on the web. In addition, they helped me with a pet project of mine, “” (excuse the bad pun). This is a blog that helps anybody with a cherished animal to plan for their future. Both websites reflect who I am as a person and a professional and that is very important to me. Randy and Rocky have also be very responsive with anything I have asked of them which isn’t always the case with website developers and it’s much appreciated!”

Paul Hunt

paul-hunt“I hired Randy Wilson and Rocky Laber of DSD Law Site Solutions to develop a new website for my estate planning practice. My previous website wasn’t very visible and I wasn’t able to blog or add much content. Starting out, I told Randy and Rocky that I was looking to blog about topics important to my estate planning clients and website visitors.  DSD Law Sites deployed a WordPress platform that made it very easy for me to blog and as result many of my blog posts received considerable traffic which resulted in much greater visibility for my website and my practice.”

Chris Covington

chris-covington“Randy’s background as a lawyer, combined with his deep understanding of both marketing and social networking, makes him an unusually effective consultant to attorneys interested in growing their practices.  Randy and Rocky have assisted me with creating a website and a blog, and in understanding both the value of and how to use social networking.

He has been particularly effective “coaching” me in the creation of my blog: helping me develop the theme, pushing me to post timely, and offering creative ideas for its “look and feel” as well as its substantive content. And, while I have been blogging less than a month, I have already received speaking requests and re-connected with colleagues I have not spoken with in years. I highly recommend Randy to any attorney – but particularly to those interested in how blogging and social networking can expand their practices.”