Since 2009

ph-partners-2Since 2009, our objective has been to help professionals get online with appealing, sophisticated and effective websites. Initially, our focus was on assisting attorneys and small-to-mid size law firms. In the ensuing years, we have built numerous law-related websites and have expanded to serve a wide range of licensed professionals outside the realm of attorneys and law firms.

Responsive. Reliable. Reputable.

DSD is committed to making sure that their clients’ experience with building a top-notch website is a positive one. DSD focuses on being reliable, extremely responsive and very patient with people who find the process of developing a new website stressful and overwhelming. They also bring to their clients a strong belief that whether their client is a lawyer, an IT professional or psychotherapist, their website should communicate professionalism with a dash of personality. That will make them stand out in a crowded world of competitors and allow them to engage with the people they want as clients.

Staying with You

More than that, DSD stays involved with their clients after their websites launch, continuing to provide their clients with help adding new functionality, content and graphics to insure their websites are updated and current looking in the fast changing world of the Internet.

Visual communication leveraging the creative and technical.

Rocky Laber draws from a background of design and illustration, merged with over a decade of internet development. His experience in web design and coding dates back to 1994, transitioning from an environment primarily print-oriented to one that is web-oriented. The smooth transtition was due in part to the wealth of knowledge he acquired throughout the digital media explosion of the mid 1980s. In the ensuing years, when static, hand-coded sites were still prevalent, he began to experiment with a number of dynamic, database-driven, open source content management systems.

As a specialist in UI design and multimedia he has led and contributed to web-based and kiosk-based interactive multimedia projects for Fortune 500 tech companies including Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, NetGear, Levanta, NetApp, Applied Biosystems, Genentech, Hyperion, Citrix, and others.

His design work and digital illustrations have appeared in national and regional publications, white papers, brochures, and annual reports. He has served as an instructor, leading classes in Adobe Creative Suite digital design tools including Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Mr. Laber studied illustration and fine art at CCAC, having taken part in one of their initial computer graphics offerings in 1982. Since completing his studies, he has worked exclusively in the creative field as production artist, design lead and art director.